In arrivo Update 1.2 per SWTOR

BioWare ha annunciato quest'oggi che domani 12 aprile spegnerà tutti i server di Star Wars: The Old Republic per circa otto ore, al fine di applicare l'Update 1.2, intitolato Legacy: tutti i server del gioco saranno offline durante questo periodo, anche se gli sviluppatori avvertono che il tempo di manutenzione (le suddette otto ore) potrebbero durare anche un pò di più, per assicurarsi del lavoro fatto. La manutenzione partirà dalle 7 di mattina ora italiana fino alle 15 del pomeriggio.

Il nuovo aggiornamento introdurrà nuovi contenuti e funzionalità, quali ricompense e un "albero genealogico" tramite il sistema (questa volta espanso) di Legacy. I giocatori saranno in grado di esplorare un nuovo Flashpoint, chiamato Lost Island, sfidarsi nella una nuova Operation Explosive Conflict e nella nuova Warzone Novare Coast, saranno disponibili nuove missioni giornaliere su Corellia, potrà essere personalizzata l'interfaccia utente, le gilde avranno ora una guild bank, e molto altro ancora. La patch, a seconda di quanto si abbia aggiornato il gioco, è della dimensione di 1GB.

Di seguito potrete trovare il patch note dell'update, Buona Visione!

Highlights (New Features)

- Players can now unlock a wide variety of rewards by leveling characters and reaching new Legacy levels, including buffs for your characters, unlocking additional Species choices for every class, and upgrades for your personal Starship. Build your own Legacy with the new Family Tree!
- Lost Island, a new Flashpoint, is available for play! Having uncovered the sources of the Rakghoul plague outbreak in the Tion Hegemony, players must travel to Ord Mantell and confront Dr. Lorrick, the mad scientist who engineered this horrific biological weapon.
- Explosive Conflict, a new Operation, is available for play! The Trandoshan mercenary warlord Kephess has seized the planet Denova, a world rich in resources valuable to the war effort. Players must assault his war camp, situated atop a mountain in densely-wooded terrain, fighting Imperial defectors and heavy war machines along the way. 8- and 16-player Story and Hard Modes are currently available for this Operation.
- Novare Coast, a new objective-oriented Warzone on the planet Denova, has been added to the game. This Warzone, like Huttball, supports same-faction matches if there are not enough members of the opposing faction to be found.
- New repeatable high-level daily missions are available in a new area on Corellia, the Black Hole!
- Guilds now have access to a shared Guild Bank, accessible on the Fleets, with expandable storage.
- A new tier of gear has been added for both PvP and PvE.
- Ranked Warzones are here! Players can now queue up and participate in PvP matchups to rank themselves against the competition.
- Players can now customize their User Interface by moving and resizing UI elements!
- A new level 50 World Boss with a challenge for a well-coordinated 16-player Operation Group has been sighted in the Gormak Lands region on Voss.
- Players can now leave comments on entries in their Friends List in the Social Window.


- The Imperial Transportation Authority and the Galactic Republic Safety Council have authorized the use of vehicles in Orbital Space Stations and Spaceports.
- In-game rewards will be available to players who participate on the Public Test Server. Players will receive a title if they attain level 10 on PTS, and another if they complete Chapter 1.
- A new preference, "Character Texture Atlasing," is now available. Enabling this option increases the texture quality used when rendering character models.
- A new "Customize" option now appears on the character sheet. One of the features this button enables is the ability to color coordinate any individual piece of armor with the equipped chestpiece.
- A new preference, "Awareness Radius," allows players to adjust the number of characters displayed on-screen. Reducing this setting can improve performance in crowded areas on low-end machines.
- On planets with an Orbital Station, players can now travel directly from the planet shuttle on the surface to their ship.
- The Sprint ability is now available at level 1.

General Bug Fixes

- Cinematics throughout the game have been polished. A large number of cinematics have been improved to address incorrect camera angles, smooth out animation issues, and to correct Companion Characters that appear in the wrong gear or at the wrong time.
- Cinematics and mission phases have been updated for consistency. For instance, several occurrences of NPCs appearing alive in a phase after a cinematic in which the player chose to kill them have been corrected.
- Corrected many instances of misplaced geometry, visible seams, and incorrect collision with world objects throughout the game.
- Many locations where player characters could become stuck on world geometry or fall through the world have been corrected.
- Some visual effects and animations have been adjusted and fixed in instances where they played incorrectly.
- Dark side appearance, if enabled, now appears correctly at character selection.

Data di uscita: Disponibile dal 13 dicembre 2011
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