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<b>rFactor 2</b>: update 68 disponibile

rFactor 2: update 68 disponibile

rFactor 2
A cura di Francesco “Mastelli Speed” Ursino del 16/03/2012
Image Space Incorporated ha rilasciato nuovi aggiornamenti per rFactor 2; l'update 68, nello specifico, va a correggere e ridefinire vari aspetti di gioco, dal gameplay alla grafica, mentre i contenuti aggiuntivi riguardano l'aggiunta del World Endurance GT pack. Questo contiene due vetture, la Nissan 370Z e la Nissan GT-R GT, e un nuovo tracciato, ovvero Palm Beach.
Questo il log completo dell'update 68:

Some fixes to overlay/gauge rendering to make it more SLI friendly.
Fixed HDR problem for frame times greater than adapt ET.
Avoid flashing one frame of the options while driving in realtime (could happen if server went to next track).
Fixed up various HDR issues.

More complete tire heat from damping (currently optional but won’t be forever).
Improved tire damping heat application and made more configurable.
Improved thread stability.
Prevent display and system sleeping (ded servers will only prevent system sleeping).
Added new finish criteria “% Track Laps” and “% Track Time” in case you don’t want the percentage of both which is what “% Track Defaults” does.

Doubled the maximum number of sounds.

Added fix for AI not to avoid other cars in private session (since they’re invisible).
Improved terrain sampling so that AI physics handles painted lines correctly.

Added track IR plugin.
Fixed logical error that would have prevented some plugins from running properly.
Tweaked plugin message interface to allow chat commands.
Added chat commands to results stream.
Some other plugin additions.

Added new filters to mp lobby.
Fixed bug where one frame of mis-sized vehicle or track selection shows up on main menu coming back from switching RFMs.
Added a button action to force reload of car spinner. (so modders can update the loose skin dds and see it in game immediately.)
Increased camera mobility around ôReflected Floorö showroom.
Tracking power loss in tire tool.

Per scaricare l'aggiornamento e i nuovi contenuti è possibile far riferimento ai due link sottostanti.
E' disponibile, infine, un video che illustra il nuovo tracciato di Palm Beach. Buona visione!