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<b>Project CARS</b>: build 149 disponibile

Project CARS: build 149 disponibile

Project CARS
A cura di Francesco “Mastelli Speed” Ursino del 11/02/2012
Lo sviluppatore Slightly Mad Studios ha rilasciato una nuova build per Project C.A.R.S.. L'aggiornamento è destinato ai possessori di account con status Team Member o superiore.
I cambiamenti maggiori riguardano l'aggiunta di un nuovo tracciato (Circuit de la Sarthe) e l'affinamento del sistema di force feedback.
Questi i dettagli:

Build 149 (10/2/12, Team Member +)

- Added Loire track
- Wheel-to-wheel contact effects are now attenuated according to axial distance from wheel center
-Tyre smoke bug fixes
- Fix for particles not appearing in mirror (still has draw order badness)
- Further reduce distance at which particles get culled in cockpit view
- Code cleanup and remove unnecessary front wheel optimization
- Revert two previous CLs to speed free camera up again
- Revised Logitech G25 ffb config (owners must start new profile)
- Disabling gear wobble again. StephenB reporting it makes some cars sound funny
- Fixes problem of rapid drop in potential lap time as calculated on the Live Delta hud page
- T500 FFB tweaks to spring and average weight
- Added Steering Ratio support for per-vehicle steering locks
- Changed Aries Car Setup option from Steering Lock to Steering Ratio slider
- Disable ‘Steering Lock’ slider in the controller UI
- Added -steeringratio command line switch to enable the ratio code
- Decision to accept/reject wheel-to-wheel contact is consistent for both affected vehicles
- Adjusted computation of axial distance of contact from wheel center
- Wheel detach caused by accumulated forces now depends on random chance specified by tweaker
- Disabled delayed wheel detach
- Kart FFB tuning
- HUD telemetry: fixed incorrect scaling of g-force meter
- F68: fixed livery names
- Revised the load sensitivties and some grip balance, Gumpert, Racer 4, SuperKart
- Adjusted the new FFB paramters to a natural feel. Target is to provide good resistance with progreesive lightening into understeer. All cars done
- Enabled Formula A mirror in cockpit HUD
- HUD: mirror changes (wider, adjusted frame)
- Asano X4: added metallic livery support
- FFB tyre load multi reduced from 0.5 to 0.3 for Formula B
- Formula B: added metallic liveries
- New Loire logo and track maps
- New Ariel Atom Mugen export
- New Formula A export
- New California Raceway export