Disponibile nuova patch per Crysis 2

E' stata rilasciata oggi una nuova patch per la versione PC di Crysis 2, che segue il rilascio di quella per versione console avvenuta solo ieri. Vi riportiamo di seguito il changelog ufficiale:

• Further improved anti-cheat measures
• Fix for spurious characters appearing when initiating text chat
• Fix for Chatlog doesn't disappear after kill cam
• Fixed occasional login issues
• Changed VOIP defaults
• Fixed some UI aspect issues on multiple monitors
• Added option for crouch toggle in MP & SP
• Fixed a bug where players lost Nano Catalyst points after restarting the game
• Filter settings in server browser are now retained
• Default player count required to start a game from the lobby lowered to 4
• Fixed issue related to “Deleting Reference Counted Object Twice” error that appeared for some users with strict router/firewall settings
• Fixed issue of not being able to melee after dying
• Fixed issue where some video cards were being stated as unsupported
Data di uscita: 25 Marzo 2011
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