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Theatrhythm: Curtain Call: confermate le musiche degli ultimi Final Fantasy e non solo

Theatrhythm: Curtain Call: confermate le musiche degli ultimi Final Fantasy e non solo

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call
A cura di Pietro Guido “Raxias” Gualano del 26/03/2014
Sul sito ufficiale dedicato a Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy: Curtain Call è recentemente stata confermata la presenza nel gioco delle musiche e dei brani presenti negli ultimi capitoli di questa storica serie e non solo. Ecco nel dettaglio le musiche che verranno importate da Final Fantasy VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII e XIV:

Final Fantasy VIII
Don’t be Afraid (BMS)
Force Your Way (BMS)
The Man with the Machine Gun (BMS)
Maybe I’m a Lion (BMS)
The Extreme (BMS)
Blue Fields (FMS)
Find Your Way (FMS)
Waltz for the Moon (FMS)
Fisherman’s Horizon (FMS)
Ride On (FMS)
The Castle (FMS)
Ending Theme (FMS)

Final Fantasy IX
Battle 1 (BMS)
Battle 2 (BMS)
Sword of Fury (BMS)
Festival of the Hunt (BMS)
Something to Protect (BMS)
The Darkness of Eternity (BMS)
The Final Battle (BMS)
Over the Hill (FMS)
Dark City Treno (FMS)
Aboard the Hilda Garde (FMS)
Unforgettable Sorrow (FMS)
Behind the Door (FMS)
Melodies of Life (FMS)
A Place to Call Home (FMS)

Final Fantasy X
Battle Theme (BMS)
Fight With Seymour (BMS)
Challenge (BMS)
Otherworld (BMS)
A Contest of Aeons (BMS)
Final Battle (BMS)
To Zanarkand (FMS)
Spira Unplugged (FMS)
Mi’ihen Highroad (FMS)
Movement in Green (FMS)
Suteki Da Ne (FMS)
Launch (FMS)
Servants of the Mountain (FMS)
Someday the Dream Will End (FMS)

Final Fantasy XI
Battle Theme (BMS)
FFXI Opening Theme (BMS)
Awakening (BMS)
Fighters of the Crystal (BMS)
Ragnarok (BMS)
Shinryu (BMS)
Vana’diel March (FMS)
Ronfaure (FMS)
Gustaberg (FMS)
Sarutabaruta (FMS)
Heavens Tower (FMS)
Voyager (FMS)
Selbina (FMS)
The Sanctuary of Zi’Tah (FMS)

Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy ~FFXII Version~ (BMS)
Boss Battle (BMS)
Esper Battle (BMS)
Desperate Fight (BMS)
Clash of Swords (BMS)
The Battle for Freedom (BMS)
Ending Movie (BMS)
The Royal City of Rabanastre / Town Ward Upper Stratum (FMS)
The Dalmasca Eastersand (FMS)
Naivety (FMS)
Giza Plains (FMS)
The Mosphoran Highwaste (FMS)

Final Fantasy XIII
Blinded by Light (BMS)
Defiers of Fate (BMS)
Saber’s Edge (BMS)
Desperate Struggle (BMS)
Fighting Fate (BMS)
The Sunleth Waterscape (FMS)
March of the Dreadnoughts (FMS)
The Gapra Whitewood (FMS)
The Archlte Steppe (FMS)
Dust to Dust (FMS)

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
The Land Breathes (BMS)
Fallen Angel (BMS)
Torn from the Heavens (BMS)
Under the Weight (BMS)
To the Sun (FMS)
On Westerly Winds (FMS)
Serenity (FMS)
Engage (FMS)
Answers (EMS)