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The Division: gli ultimi cambiamenti apportati a Lotta per la Vita

The Division: gli ultimi cambiamenti apportati a Lotta per la Vita

Tom Clancy's: The Division


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8 marzo 2016

A cura di Paolo “Boyscout” Sirio del 11/11/2016
Durante l'ultima manutenzione, Ubisoft e Massive Entertainment hanno apportato diversi cambiamenti all'Espansione II: Lotta per la Vita, ora disponibile su PC tramite il server pubblico di prova.

Tra questi, troviamo un innalzamento della salute degli NPC, "per aumentarne la letalità", ma anche un ritocco del drop rate in Zona Nera e dei valori di alcune armi.

Vi lasciamo al lungo changelog, che non è stato ancora tradotto, seguito all'ultima manutenzione di quest'oggi e vi ricordiamo che il PTS non è ancora disponibile, al pari della patch 1.5 e di Lotta per la Vita, su console.

NPCs damage and health have been adjusted to increase their lethality, especially at the beginning of a session:

Increased level 28 NPC health by 25%.
Increased level 29 NPC health by 16%.
Increased level 30 NPC health by 8%.
Increased level 28 NPC damage by 12.5%.
Increased level 29 NPC damage by 8%.
Increased level 30 NPC damage by 4%.
Dark Zone adjustments

Lowered the material drop rates in the Dark Zone.
High-End crafting costs have been adjusted and made more expensive.
Crafting High-End weapons will now require a Division Tech material.
Removed weapon mods providing the Increased Magazine Size bonus as they could break combat balance against the Hunter.
Reaching Novice Rank will now require a score of 600 instead of 400.

Moved 30 Phoenix Credits from the weekly assignment reward to put them inside the weekly assignment cache (the total amount is still the same).
Added one extra High-End Mod inside the weekly assignment cache.

Named Gear pieces will now have a chance to be acquired in Field Proficiency caches and have been added as a chance to drop on various activities.
D3-FNC has been renamed FrontLine.
Skulls MC gloves: damage bonus has been increased from 10% to 16%.
Swift: Reload Speed bonus has been increased from 15% to 25%.

LMGs: Damage to targets out of cover bonus has been slightly reduced for all LMGs of Gear Score 256
MG5: Time to max accuracy has been slightly increased. This means that while firing, max accuracy will be reached a little slower than before.
Urban MDR: “Distracted” will now properly react and give bonus damage on targets with status effects.

Tactical Link: Damage bonus reduced from 35% to 30% (back to its 1.4 value).
Bug Fixing


Fixed a bug where Dark Zone Supply Drops would not award items with the correct Gear Score.
Fixed a bug where weapons could get 2 of the same Talents.
Fixed a bug where players would be unable to switch between primary and secondary weapon.
Fixed a bug where Named Gear items could not be recalibrated.
Fixed a bug where Named Gear items would not yield material when deconstructed.
Fixed a bug where Stable talent would not give the correct stability.
Fixed a bug where Nimble talent would not work until reequipped if a cover to cover move is interrupted.
Fixed a bug where controllers would not work when used on PC.
Fixed a bug where players could become invincible for a few seconds after using Survivor Link.
Fixed several instances of client crash.
Fixed a bug where Skill Haste would not correctly affect Support Station cooldown.

Fixed a bug in the Survival end cut scene where the character would fly away alone while the helicopter remained on the ground (although it was awesome to watch).
Fixed a bug where items acquired during a survival session would drop on the ground when successfully extracting, leaving them available for pickup by other players.
Fixed a bug where the Agent Remaining notification sound would be played repeatedly without the notification being shown.
Fixed several instances of invisible walls in Survival.
Fixed a bug where Hunters could spawn too close to players.
For those who aren’t using the PTS, the base game was also updated yesterday with a few bugs fixes:

Fixed a bug where players below level 30 could obtain High-End rewards from vendor sealed caches.
Fixed a bug where Gear Score calculations placed players into the wrong World Tier.
Fixed a bug where player’s Underground Rank would exceed Rank 40 in certain conditions.