Overwatch: Disponibile una nuova patch

Blizzard ha pubblicato una corposa nuova patch per Overwatch che introduce diversi cambiamenti ed aggiunte, come la modalità Weekly Brawl.
Ecco il changelog completo in lingua inglese:


Player Progression
Achievements have been added
All available and unlocked achievements can be viewed in the Career Profile > Achievements tab
Select achievements will now unlock general and hero-specific sprays (which can be equipped in the Hero Gallery)
Players will now unlock a new portrait frame every 10 levels, instead of only at levels 10, 25, 50, and 100
Promotions have been added
Players will now receive a promotion every 100 levels
When a player receives a promotion, they will unlock a new portrait frame theme
With each new promotion, the player’s level (and the EXP required to level) will be reset
New Legendary skins have been added for several heroes:
"Antique" Bastion
“Junker” D.Va
“Stinger” D.Va
“Jester” Junkrat
"Hip Hopper" Lúcio
"Riverboat" McCree
"Vigilante" McCree
“Nevermore” Reaper
"Stunt Rider: 76" Soldier: 76"
“Barbarossa” Torbjörn
“Blackbeard” Torbjörn
"Cybergoth" Zarya
Plays of the Games have received a polish pass

Joining and Leaving Games
Consecutive Match Bonus
Players will now receive an EXP bonus for playing multiple matches in succession
Player Backfill Match Bonus
Players who backfill into a match will no longer receive a loss for that match (even if it ends in a defeat), but can still receive a win
These players will also receive an additional EXP bonus for the match, if completed
Leaver Penalty
Players who leave an in-progress match will now receive an automatic loss
Players who repeatedly leave in-progress matches will also receive a temporary penalty on EXP gained from future matches (this penalty will persist as long as the player continues to repeatedly leave in-progress matches)

Group Improvements

Players can now request to “Join a Group”
When a group leader leaves a game, he or she will now have the option to leave with the group intact
Expanded preferences for groups have been added to the Options menu:
Option to allow current group members to invite other players to the group
Option to allow “Anyone,” “Friends,” or “No One” to join your group without an invite

The new player experience has been updated
The Tutorial and Practice Range have received a polish pass
Dialogs will now guide new players through the Tutorial, Practice Range, and Practice vs AI modes before recommending Quick Play
Players can now browse the main menu while queued for Quick Play, Play vs AI, or Weekly Brawl! games
“Healing Done” has replaced “Final Blows” as an available end-of-match medal
End-of-match commendations have received another tuning pass
AI heroes will now melee and use Health Packs


New routes have been added for the first and second control points
Removed some walls around the second control point


The following hero abilities will now ignore payloads during Line of Sight checks:
Lúcio > Crossfade and Sound Barrier
Mei > Blizzard
Reinhardt > Earthshatter
Soldier: 76 > Biotic Field
Zenyatta > Transcendence

Orb of Harmony and Orb of Discord
Now automatically return if their targets are out of line of sight for more than 3 seconds


Options Menu
Players can now choose to skip “Skirmish Mode” while in queue
Players can now save/set hero-specific keybindings
Support for Dolby ATMOS Headphones has been added
For optimal performance, use regular headphones and change the default playback device to stereo. For USB headphones that emulate 5.1 or 7.1, you may need to turn off any surround emulation in the headphones drivers.
Any recording or streaming done with ATMOS Headphones setting enabled will contain the same ATMOS encoded mix. The viewing audience should also be using headphones for optimal viewing.
Switching the ATMOS mode while music is playing will kill the music that is playing until new music is retriggered. This is a known issue and we are investigating a fix.

In-Game UI
The payload progress bar now shows checkpoints as well as the distance to upcoming checkpoints (if < 5m)
Capture point UI art has been updated

Social Menu
All social menu screens have been updated with new art
A “Recent Players” list is now available
The ability to “Rate Players” has been moved to the social menu (from the end-of-match screen)
This means that players can rate their teammates at any time via the social menu, rather just at the end of a match
Note: “Rate this Match” can still only be accessed via the end-of-match screen
Players can now report other players through the social menu


Keybindings should now always save and carry over between sessions correctly
Players with full health, but less than full shields will now appear to have “taken damage” to healers (when looking at their hero outlines)
It is no longer possible for some AoE weapons to deal damage to an enemy player if that player is on the other side of wall they’re partially clipping into

Ultimate charge should no longer reset whenever a player selects a different hero and then cancels while dead
Lúcio’s Crossfade buff should now properly reapply to all allies after a round transition on Control maps
Mei’s Cryostasis and Ice Wall should now always display the appropriate team colors
Symmetra’s Sentry Turrets should no longer acquire targets from inside Mei’s Ice Wall
Scoped shots against enemy turrets should no longer count as “misses” when calculating Widowmaker’s “Scoped Accuracy” statistic
Fixed several issues where the slow effect applied by Mei’s Endothermic Blast and Blizzard were being reset
Fixed an issue where Reinhardt’s Charge would sometimes knock back a target that should have been pinned
Fixed an issue where Symmetra Sentry Turrets couldn’t be placed in select (but otherwise intended) areas
Fixed an issue where some damage sources prevented by Zarya’s Particle Barrier weren’t increasing her Ultimate charge

User Interface
Left Mouse Button and Right Mouse Button icons should now render in the F1 help menus
UI notifications for objectives should no longer persist on screen

Ricordiamo infine che Overwatch sarà disponibile a partire dal 24 maggio per PC, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One.
Data di uscita: 24 maggio 2016
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