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The Division: i dettagli della patch 1.02

The Division: i dettagli della patch 1.02

Tom Clancy's: The Division


Gioco di ruolo


8 marzo 2016

A cura di Samuele “SamWolf” Zaboi del 21/03/2016
Ubisoft, nel corso della giornata di oggi, ha annunciato i dettagli e i contenuti della patch 1.02 di The Division, il cui arrivo è atteso per la giornata di domani su PC, PlayStation 4 e Xbox One. Le migliorie che verranno introdotte con questa patch sono molteplici, alcune delle quale specifiche per ogni piattaforma, come potete vedere qui di seguito:

Tobii Eye Tracking bug fixes and improvements
On launch, the PC client now monitors PC graphic settings and applies the best settings for the user’s configuration. This is unless the user has custom settings.
Fixed an issue where the Map was sometimes difficult to navigate with a mouse
Fixed issues with Hungarian, Korean, and Russian localizations
Fixed an issue that prevented matchmaking while on the Map
Removed the Store button from the Character Selection screen on PC versions of the game. Players can find the store page in the Ubisoft CLUB app directly
Fixed increment number on Day 1 Patch Notes (was 1.1, now correctly states 1.01)

Xbox One:
Fixed a bug where players could not reconnect to the servers after suspending the game on Xbox One
Fixed a bug on Xbox One where unblocking a player would not be reflected in-game until title reboot

Added an option to disable the PlayStation 4 controller speaker
Improved textures and models streaming speed
Fixed an issue where ISAC volume could get too loud when playing with headsets

Al seguente indirizzo potete trovare invece il changelog completo dell'aggiornamento di The Division.