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Rocket League: disponibile l'aggiornamento 1.12

Rocket League: disponibile l'aggiornamento 1.12

Rocket League



7 luglio 2015 - 17 Febbraio 2016 (Xbox One) - Inverno 2017 (Switch)

A cura di Samuele “SamWolf” Zaboi del 16/02/2016
Psyonix ha rilasciato nel corso della giornata di oggi un nuovo aggiornamento per Rocket League, che ricordiamo domani debutterà su Xbox One mentre è già disponibile per PC e PlayStation 4. L'update in questione, di cui poco sotto potete consultare il changelog completo, corregge alcuni bug specifici e migliora il matchmaking per le sfide online.

Implemented automatic timed matchmaking ban system associated with players who delete content from their game files to avoid competitive matchmaking in certain arenas.

Bug Fixes
Skill Rating calculation has been fixed on the League Rankings screen and now accurately reflects your MMR
Fixed an issue that caused the Ranked Reconnect popup to appear improperly during gameplay
Fixed an issue that caused players to lose input in the Muting menu
Competitive games are now properly labeled on the in-game score card
Players will no longer incorrectly appear to be in a party on the scoreboard
Fixed an issue that allowed Ballcam to be enabled/disabled erroneously in the post game screen
(PS4) Players can once again view their old replay files
(PS4) Text Chat keybinding has returned to the Controls menu
(PC) Fixed an issue that displayed party members cars incorrectly in the main menu
(PC) Fixed an issue with how the Max FPS slider capped frame rate
(PC) Fixed an issue causing users with large Steam Friend Lists to experience graphical hitches

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