Rilasciata la versione 1.2.0 dell'emulatore PCSX2

Una buona notizia per i possessori PC appassionati della gloriosa Sony PlayStation 2 intenzionati a rivivere i classici di questa console. Il team responsabile dell'emulatore per Windows, Linux e Mac PCSX2 1.2.0 ha rilasciato la nuova versione 1.2.0 che risolve diversi problemi e bugs, oltre a risultare maggiormente stabile.
A seguire trovate il changelog in inglese per la versione Windows, mentre tra gli allegati c'è il link alla pagina del progetto, dove poter scaricare l'emulatore.


-microVU fixes for Dreamworks games, later Tony Hawks games, Evil Dead and others
-Fixes to New GIF unit to solve regressions
-microVU bugs fixed (affecting Extreme-G Racing and others)
-CDVD fixes (Impossible Mission now boots)
-Path 3 arbitration and timing refinements
-MFIFO fixes for DDR games
-Huge DMAC bug fix solving most of the problematic videos. (Baldurs Gate 2, Katamari Damacy and more)
-Memory card support improved in many games, now supports PSX memory cards also Multitap support improved greatly
-Many game fixes for COP2 problems inherent with emulation. (Ace Combat, Forbidden Siren and others)
-VIF Unpack optimizations
-VU Delays added to fix the graphics of Snowblind engine games (Champions of Norrath, Baldurs Gate 2)
-Various other game specific fixes in GameDB
-NVM file creation (if one doesn’t exist) now fills in iLink ident. (Age of Empires 2)


-Improved DMA system
-Fixes to reverb
-Improved time-stretcher recovery on extreme speed changes.
-Portaudio (providing WASAPI in Windows, ALSA/+OSS in Linux) now supported and the default output module. Latencies with this mode are lower than other modules


-Improved adapter selection for detecting of videocards
-CLUT (Color LookUp Table) fixes for games such as Disney Golf
-Texture Offset options added to help improve upscaling artifacts
-OpenGL mode added (Experimental currently)
-Various CRC hacks
-Hack for NVIDIA cards, solves problems with stretching on drivers above 320.18
-New shader resources! Complete PCSX2 FX Revised 2.0 by Asmodean has been integrated


-Improved support for online play and make the users MAC address unique.
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