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Project CARS: disponibile la build 603

Project CARS: disponibile la build 603

Project CARS


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7 maggio 2015

A cura di Francesco “Mastelli Speed” Ursino del 08/11/2013
Novità per Project CARS: dopo gli importanti annunci relativi all'arrivo del titolo su console next-gen, Slightlty Mad Studios ha rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento disponibile per i possessori di account Team Member o superiori. L'aggiornamento 603, fruibile da Steam, apporta miglioramenti ad alcune vetture e al rendering degli ambienti.
Questo il changelog completo:

Build 603 (8/11/13, Team Member+)
* Tree ambient boost tuning, vertex animation added
* Improved Environment Map for Player Car when using Ultra Envmap detail setting (includes scene lights at night and also opponent cars). Bonus feature - with Reflection Settings at Ultra, scene lights are also now rendered, so that cars reflected in water/puddles now correctly pick up scene and headlights.
* Renderer/Renderbridge and GraphicsEngine use fast SSE2 mode, rather than precise - this results in much faster maths code in a lot of places avoiding un-necessary promotion to doubles.
* Headlights: Optimized polygon light cone (should help night racing fps)
* BMW M1 Procar: Added support for LODX meshes (ULTRA detail)
* McLaren MP4-12C: Added to game, fixed classes, fixed CPIT display, fixed rear wing animations, added HUD tacho
* LMP RWD P30: Added LMP RWD P30 first export, runtime file fixes + added placeholder liveries + ambient shadow added
* Formula C: Added body UV template, ambient shadow rendered
* Ford Capri Group5: LODA and B interiors polished, mapped and textured. A couple of small LODX/CPIT interior fixes made too, all new Interior DDS texture. Initial check-in.

Know Issues:
California Highway (All):
-There are still some microgaps between road/terrain sections, will be fixed asap
-Trees/bushes look bright on shadow areas
-terrain drawing issue caused by a bug with the skyring shader. Skyring shader drawing just in front the far plane
-Bad sea/flickering. Bug with the skyring/sea shader
-If you access the map feature it will lead to a crash