Battlefield 4 ha un update al day one anche per la versione PC

Dopo l'annuncio da parte di DICE dell'aggiornamento già dal primo giorno di lancio di Battlefield 4 per Xbox 360 del peso di 119MB, arriva l'update al day one anche per la versione PC del gioco. La patch, che dovrebbe occupare circa 500MB, apporta diverse correzioni al comparto singleplayer e multi del titolo, compresa la piattaforma Battlelog, utilizzata per la gestione dei profili giocatore e delle partite online.

Pubblichiamo il changelog completo in inglese a seguire:

Miglioramenti vari
- Added game manuals for various languages and platforms
- We now show your custom emblem on the Soldier page in the mobile app
- You can now choose to use the system language in the Battlelog tablet app
- Made the “Set Active Kit” button in Loadout bigger and more touch-friendly
- Implemented a new look and behavior for all popups, so they look better
- Implemented custom style for checkboxes and radio buttons
- Names for awards and unlocks are now displayed directly in Battle Reports
- Made the emblem bigger on Home and Profile pages
- “Misc” is now showed as the last, not first, category for Dog Tags
- We now show the criteria for unlocking the SP Assignments
- Various improvements for the PC in-game Battlelog
- Added a profanity filter when saving clan tags
- Polish when showing Battlepacks items, so they are more aligned, and also made the boost image bigger
- You can now click on feed event for completed SP levels to see the stats and progression for that user

- Fixed an issue that caused a memory leak
- Play Now for Squad Deathmatch and Domination now works as intended
- Fixed an issue where the Missions tab in the PC in-game Battlelog didn’t load correctly
- Fixed an issue where the New User Experience would show several times for console soldiers
- Fixed an issue for Battle Reports, where the selected soldier wasn’t marked in the scoreboard
- Show tag before name on the Dog Tags, so it is displayed as we do it in-game
- We now should the right cursor, when hovering your soldier portrait in Settings
- Fixed some flickering on iOS6 and iOS5 for the tablet app
- Report button is now shown for users, comments, forum posts etc. in the tablet app
- Removed some Server Browser filter options that weren’t actually supported, and fixed other filters that didn’t work as intended
- Fixed an issue where you couldn’t click the notification icons in the header with BattleScreen open on tablet
- Fixed an issue where the share popup for Battle Reports was cut-off on Android tablets
- Fixed an issue where the Battle Reports overview page wouldn’t show correctly if you didn’t have any favorite Battle Reports
- Fixed an issue where navigating away from and back to BattleScreen would break the map
- Fixed an issue where deeplinking for dog tags and weapons from Battlepacks didn’t always work
- Fixed an issue where completed SP levels would sometimes show multiple times in the feed
- Fixed it so the Punkbuster Needed popup links to the correct Punkbuster page
- Fixed an issue in Loadout, where the info button couldn’t be clicked in IE9
- Fixed an issue where not all stats populated in the in-game Battlelog Soldier tab
- Fixed an issue where the New Player flow would show several times for console soldiers
- Removed the Cancel button for finished Missions
- Various fixes for opening Battlepacks on Battlelog
- Various fixes for the Unified Game Manager
- Various fixes for the popup dialogues
- Various fixes for the PC in-game Battlelog
- Many other small fixes and issues addressed
Data di uscita: 31 ottobre 2013 - 21 novembre 2013 (XONE), 29 novembre 2013 (PS4)
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