Project CARS: disponibile la build 593

Slightly Mad Studios ha reso disponibile una nuova build per Project CARS: l'aggiornamento 593, disponibile per possessori di account Team Member o superiori, apporta alcuni miglioramenti sul versante della riproduzione delle vetture, dei tracciati, e dell'interfaccia grafica.
Questo il changelog:

Build 593 (25/10/13, Team Member+) Common: * Fix for array destruction * Upped pool size for bcolour to match new data * Code to allow us to be able to control the adaption rate GUI: * Actual camera cycling working ingame in the Monitor screen (works on full screen target when monitor is up, reverts to initial camera angle when monitor is closed - still need viewport) * Fix for text entry dialogs not setting text when CONFIRM is pressed Online: * Implemented password protection of lobbies. Fixed few issues in Steam join protocol Environment: * Fix for key lighitng not being setup for the moon at night * Clear 5 daytime tweaks to make it look more punchy, including new colour cube amd sky tweaks * Medium cloud 4 condition added, it's a less saturated sky version of med cloud 03 * Clear 3 wtc is now a new version of clear 4 (vibrant blue sky and contrast look) but with less cyan hues in teh sky. Also added medium cloud 3 which is the same as the new clear3 but with cumulus cloud cover. Tweaked the cloud normal map so it has a bit more detail in the green channel for more realistic cloud shape in light and shade Texture Maps: * Desertgrass texturemaps Tracks: * Dubai: Swap of foliage palms and desertgrass, WIP. Big floolights added Vehicles: * Mercedes SLS: New wheel textures - black + silver lip * Mercedes SLS: New wheel textures - black + turquoise lip * Ford GT40, Lotus 49 (defualt tires on both): Increased grass grip * BMW Z4 GT3: removed door collision meshes to prevent doors opening * Mercedes SLS GT3: UV mapping glass/paint finished, prepared for new export, new collision meshes, placeholder display, various fixes * Gumpert Apollo: Collision mesh update to remove doors from detaching * Gumpert Apollo: Cockpit animation files update for mirror vibrations * Mercedes SLS GT3: Placeholder liveries added, RCF files set up * Ford Mustang Boss 302R: ride height & bump stops, side aero, general tweaking

Data di uscita: 7 maggio 2015
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