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Rogue Legacy: arriva il supporto a Mac e Linux

Rogue Legacy: arriva il supporto a Mac e Linux

Rogue Legacy


Gioco di ruolo


27 giugno 2013 - 30 luglio 2014 (PS3-PS4-PS Vita) - 27 maggio 2015 (Xbox One)

A cura di Andrea “Phoenix” Bagalini del 17/10/2013
Su Steam arriva, come promesso, il supporto alle versioni Mac e Linux del titolo Rogue Legacy. L'aggiornamento arriva con una patch che aggiunge, tra le altre cose, la tanto attesa feature del save-slot multiplo.

Oltre a questo, ovviamente, la patch va ad eliminare una serie di bug, apportando una discreta serie di fix che migliorano l'esperienza di gioco.
Ecco i dettagli, in inglese, della patch 1.1.0:

Major Changes:

- Mac and Linux versions have been added to this release!
- Added profile select functionality. You can now choose between three save game profiles.
- Added Mac/Linux team to credits.
- Jukebox is now persistent until you switch areas (or enter a boss room).

General fixes:
- Fixed bug where disabling fire shield displayed a mana cost.
- Game now properly handles special character crashes in the hero/heroine name lists.
- Fixed room that had empty block where a chest should be.
- Alexander no longer moves in places where if you kill him, the money is lost.
- Casting Mega Damage Shield now drains your mana faster than when casting the regular spell.
- Fixed bug where player would no longer catch his own chakram or conflux projectiles.
- Fixed bug where you could get the dragon fire spell for a class other than the dragon by locking the castle.
- Fixed a few spelling mistakes in the game.
- Fixed bug where game would function oddly when the system broke standard vsync and ran faster than 60.
- Fixed bug where dungeon shader was being applied to all areas, affecting performance.
- Tweaked the glowing fairies in the Garden to reduce confusion that players could interact with them.
- Fixed bug where the backup save system wasn’t kicking in properly if the map or map data got corrupted.
- Fixed bug where one of the last boss’s attacks had an incorrect hitbox.
- Fixed bug where you could take damage immediately after exiting a compass room.
- Removed the delete button from the options menu and put it into the profile selector.
- Fixed bug where the Randomize Children skill in the manor had incorrect text.
- Changed E.D.S to Flexible.
- Added a more comprehensive fix for player/boss dying at the same time.
- Player now makes a sound when landing after getting hit.
- Fixed bug where you could see a bit of background during a death defy.
- Fixed bug where quitting from heir selection with a character that has vertigo would result in him/her not having it on second load.
- Fixed bug where credits were running extremely slow.
- Fixed bug where lineage screen was running extremely slow.