Project CARS: disponibile la build 583

Slightly Mad Studios ha rilasciato una nuova build per Project CARS: l'aggiornamento 583, disponibile per possessori di account Team Member o superiore, apporta alcune migliorie all'infrastruttura multiplayer via Steam, oltre che qualche ritocco alla realizzazione puramente estetica dei tracciati di Sakitto (ovvero Suzuka) e Northampton (Silverstone).
Questo il chengelog:

Build 583 (11/10/13, Team Member+)
Steam multiplayer:
* Now enabled by default. To run MP on the Java dedicated server, use the new command-line option -javamp
* Added large address aware flag to all DX9 shader creation calls
* Fix CSortList item for all Little Endian platforms
* SkyRing alphatest shader can use Transparency Super Sampling in MSAA modes
Flag & penalty bug fixes:
* Fixed wrong way crash tests, as the 'is going wrong way' variable wasn't being updated when wrong way was disabled
* Now including player v player collisions (we have an issue in MP where if someone is DQ'd, the race doesn't end)
* Safeguarding flag withdrawl as they can legitimatelly raise & withdrawl on the same frame
* Added flag reason to flag network message
* Enabled LARGEADDRESSAWARE option to access additional memory if available. Increase Game Pool size if this memory is detected too
* Sakitto: Resaved HUD map as compressed map
* Emirates Kartdrome: TRD changes, AIW basic, trd file, uploaded raceline (not yet avaliable in game)
* Northampton: Add new textures for race control building and national pit building

Data di uscita: 7 maggio 2015
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