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Project CARS: build 360 disponibile

Project CARS: build 360 disponibile

Project CARS

PC, PS3, WIIU, X360

Simulazione guida

7 maggio 2015

A cura di Francesco “Mastelli Speed” Ursino del 01/12/2012
Slightly Mad Studios ha rilasciato una nuova build per Project CARS: l'aggiornamento 360, disponibile per possessori di account Team Member o superiori, si segnala per l'aggiunta del Dubai Autodrome, circuito dell'annuale 24 ore di Dubai.

Questo il changelog:

Build 360 (3014:43 30/11/2012/11/12, Junior+)
* Player reset “track clear” distance set at 150m (was 30m).
* Fix for 360 attributes changed callbacks not working correctly
* 360 Host Migration work, Host Migration now working. Roundtrip work, can now enter and leave games and roundtrip to different lobbies etc without crashing
* Xbox 360 stat submit fix
* Fixed stat flag to correctly contain information about non-default setup in multiplayer races.
* Labels for disconnected participants will not be painted.
* Possible fix for reported tranny whine issues with Ariel Atom
* Milan Short: Add radiotower into master scene
* Milan GP: Add radiotower into master scene
* Milan Short: Add wip big glass grandstand and merge latest TomT stuff
* Milan GP: Add wip big glass grandstand and merge latest TomT stuff
* Milan: Add new textures
* Moravia: Texture update for the tower
* Moravia: Reworked whole pit building, added emmissive
* Moravia: New textures addition
* Heusden: Fixed shadow issues, added part back side of podium building, fixed gaps
* Heusden: Added pitbuildings, assets, bridges
* Azure Circuit: Reworked the whole part below the pitarea, red asphalt, so tobac corner area-piscine-rascasse
* Azure Circuit: Added new textures
* Static Objects: Reduced count of aerial assets
* BMW Z4 GT3: boosted FFB tyre force multiplier. Default setup change for less corner-exit oversteer