Project CARS: build 341 disponibile

Slightly Mad Studios ha diffuso due nuovi aggiornamenti per Project CARS: le build 340 e 341, destinate a possessori di account Junior o superiori, apportano numerose migliorie in molti settori del gioco, a cominciare dal comparto online e audio.
Questo il log completo dei due aggiornamenti:

Build 341 (2/11/12, Junior Member+)
* Removed all traces of old launch control code (fixes ghost collisions, and falling from the sky on TT mode)
* Fix for zero grip Zonda R
* Eifelwald: tweaked graffiti textures
* Removed all input code from last build (should fix Logitech Profiler issues)
* AI opponents in Seasons now also use the vehicle restrictions set in the Season data (can be different from the player)

Build 340 (2/11/12, Junior Member+)

* Remove brackets from browse list weather data
* Fixed browse list to clear display correctly on no games found
* Extended reset clear distance to 30m (may still be a little short but we'll see - feedback required please)
* Only play suspension animation if wheel node exists
* Tweaked the thresholds for resetting the car away from other vehicles in MP session
* Vehicle updates now using MP CompressedNetwork Packet and reset on track working again.Updated protocol_version to 11
* MP reset position: Enabled reset for MP sessions (Only reset when track is clear at spawn point, and Enable collisions only when clear of other vehicles)
* Fix up MP browse for new data
* Added a class representing a set of NodeRefId's. This will be used instead of obsolete masks containing participant Id's
* Car column moved next to Track column. Weather/Time separated correctly now on Multiplayer Browse screen
* Location column header renamed 'Track' on Multiplayer Browse screen
* New column data for Multiplayer Browse screen (laps, date, weather, car)
* Fix up MP browse for new data Adds new data to a session review block at the bottom of the list
* Temporary triggering of remote vehicles through start/finish line
* Experimental first draft of car to car collision improvements. Detachable components current disabled
* Added initialization of SObjectData::m_dataBlob and SObjectData::m_updatesStart, this should get rid of crashes reported in method CBridgedStream::FindInterpolatedObject
* Add manual thread update locking control to cPlayer
* Default RaceInput behaviour is to lock thread updates on disconnection and delay unlocking until after player is reinitialised
* Implement thread update locking for direct input devices
* Catch failed attempts to set Logitech profiler properties, with retry and timeout
* Catch possible missed app deactivations and force a controller restart in these situations
* Reduce frequency of LED updates for Logitech/Fanatec wheels
* AI opponent participant info now remains the same between Season Rounds rather than being re-generated each Round
* Preliminary Season scoring. Scores for each participant are now added at the end of each season round. The UI won't show the sorted scores until Standings screen has been added
* Softened falloff of pit lane lights
* Fix for reported transmission whine issue
* Balancing tweaks for updated engine settings
* Added vibration layer; updated with 3d distnace eq and filter; updated compression settings
* Added vibro layer to Asano X4
* Set default tyre back to low grip version to catch cars without tyre records
* Add records for every car in tyre control file. Currently using FA compound for all
* Lakeville Raceway GP: Fixed remaining curb terrain intersections and gaps, further smoothed and cleaned ground and road, invisible collision walls removed from inner area, collisions for tyrewall backside added
* Lakeville Raceway GP: Updated driveable ground mesh, curbs-terrain gaps fixed 50%, (new trackedges, overlay skid fix, small road tweak, additional tyrewall collision)
* Belgian Forest Circuit: Add new fences around the pit exit area
* Belgian Forest Circuit: Add missing fences for entrance tunnel
* Belgian Forest Circuit: Merge new car building
* Belgian Forest Circuit: Remap few building with new brick textures
* Belgian Forest Circuit: Add missing emmisive map for lasourcebuilding03
* Belgian Forest Circuit: Fix small issue for emmap for lasourcebuilding03
* Belgian Forest Circuit: Missing emmap for lasourcebuilding03
* If AI or wipers are not assigned to a button or key the wipers turn on automatically
* GUMPERT apollo: changed wiper animation playback to looped

Data di uscita: 7 maggio 2015
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