Project CARS: build 330 disponibile

Slightly Mad Studios ha rilasciato una nuova build, la 330, per Project CARS: l'aggiornamento, indirizzato a possessori di account Team Member o superiore, apporta nuove modifiche nel comparto grafico, online, nel gameplay e nell'interfaccia di gioco.
Questo il log:

Build 330 (24/10/12, Team Member+)
* Enabled GUI background scene by default for more testing. To disable the scene use -no3DScene on the command line
* MainMenu – bridge feeding changed to avoid broken discontinuities
* Frontend now uses the in game rendertasks for rendering the 3d scene
* Code to handle releasing the default rendertarget when set in the GUI
* Code so that the default renderview camera use the aspect ratio of the renderer
Bug Fixing:
* Reseting the FE time progression to reatime
* Fix for crash on exit
* Fixed an issue with the inclusion of the SmallJobs project in specific configs
* Fixes due to changes in initalisation order of objects (Use3dscene)
Ghost System:
* Ghost system minor changes
* In-race chat, first pass
* Lose chat focus on completing text entry
* Set start key to ‘t’ for in race chat
* Clients who join a session during the Loading state (after the join has been started while still in the lobby) will communicate with the host so that they do not block the loading progress
* Console VoIP update, allowing 3+ players to chat to each other
* Removed old P4 bindings from solutions and projects
* Converted solution and projects to VS2010
* Fix for stat submit failing to send cached scores to the leaderboards
* Added common time/weather applinks for the loading screen. Each mode now fills it in as necessary rather than it coming directly from incompatible profile values. Seasons value now uses an enum to make it easier to use
* Belgian Forest Karting Circuit: CSM fixes, terrain tweaks
* Belgian Forest Karting Circuit: New tyrewalls
* Northampton: Opacity added.
* Wisconsin Raceway: Fixed wrong kerb and floating fences
* Eifelwald: Fixed floating overlay edges, tweaked CSM at some kerbs
* BMW z4 GT3: Moved CPIT display, performance optimizations, bugfixes
* BMW Z4 GT3: Chassis/Cockpit fully textured, UV mapping, CPIT display added, full wheel/tire setup
* BMW z4 GT3: New export
Data di uscita: 7 maggio 2015
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