Project CARS: build 316 disponibile

Slightly Mad Studios ha rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento per Project CARS: la build 316, destinata a possessori di account Junior o superiori, continua nell'opera di aggiornamento dell'infrastruttura online che verrà inaugurata da pochi utenti scelti tra poche settimane. Si segnalano, inoltre, ulteriori affinamenti nella realizzazione dei circuiti.
Questo il log dell'aggiornamento:

Build 316 (5/10/12, Junior Member+)
Online sessions:
* Messages about state changes in the loading sequence contain a serial number. There are a few cases where a client can send two state changes without intervention from the host in between, and these messages can arrive out of order
* Certain getters can be called when leaving the session
* Added sequence numbers to logs of lobby setup messaging
* Single user setup sequence number has been split into two: request sequence, and update sequence. This fixes a problem when a vehicle setup change has been ignored if a vehicle validation on host resulted in a change
* Added a flag to user setup specifying whether or not it's a default setup assigned by host, used until the client requests their own setup
* Requesting an invalid livery when there's no valid livery will not cause an update sequence increase anymore
* Fixed handling of a message requesting preferred user's setup from an admin; this fixes setup sync after host migration and during join in certain scenarios
* Added missing user setup change callbacks on the host in certain situations
* Admin's own USER_SETUP and USER_VARIABLES callback will fire after the GAME_CONNECT callback
* Session callback signature has been changed to take a reference to a structure instead of the generic numeric argument. This will make it much easier to add more information to each callback
* Split the SERVER_CONNECT and GAME_CONNECT callbacks into two each - one for connect and one for disconnect
Add MP-specific racing rules
Fixed chat text content and colours
Disabled reparsing of track waypoints for slower corners
Added support for tool builds, where memory allocations are from the system allocator
Added TrackDetails method to set date for Championships
Improvements to MP connection error handling and reporting
Re-enabled ping indicator for lobby entries
Extended browse list to full size
Changed GameSessionMember to share a common Base class across all platforms, with a platform specific class above this
Chat handling improvements for the lobby
Online UI:
* Fixed format string specifiers for chat lines from %s to %ls, and prevented the string from being passed by value
* Added User Leaving callback, called just before wiping information about the user from the session
* Fixed PS3 string formatting when handling callbacks for user joined/left, admin changed, and track changed
Remote chats now include the remote user's name
Adding chat and system messages to MP Lobby
Fixes MP location update and logo
GUIList functionality improvements, adding colour
Increased Events screen leaderboard page size from 8 entries to 14
Integration of Championships tech along with some test data, with Aries-specific patching where necessary. Not hooked into UI yet
Throttle behaviour (blips etc) and adding chasis effects
Pagani Zonda R: Accurate gear ratios applied. Deduced from video reference
Adding for chassis noise effect
Adding bodyflap sound for high speed car creak/rattle effect
Wisconsin Raceway - add new txt for wood wall
Player name now shows again rather than placeholder vehicle on Lobby screen
Lobby chat now bigger and scrolls the correct way
Season selection images moved to async folder
Season info and settings pages added
Derby - add new textures
Eifelwald - adjusted trees placement, fixed were levitaing
Eifelwald - tweaked terrain/grass textures
Eifelwald - ground cover texture tweaked (color and saturation)
Eifelwald - grass exclusion map updated
Rebalance for updated tech. Switched gear change sounds and tranny
Interior sounds updated with the latest tech. Exterior still being worked on
Updated levels and pitch curve for GT_Race1 tranny
14th row on Event leaderboard now shows correctly
Wisconsin Raceway - update emmisive texture for tent
New Textures for WR media center and L gantry/first revision wip
Updated balance for latest filter, eq and curves tech
Major update - latest filter, eq and load curve tech
Updated compression curves
Caterham SP300R: Ultra detail setup
Vehicles: testing zero shift delay on a few cars with H-pattern gearboxes
Events screen updated with new improved layout
Volumen boost for 'Race' box
Updated with the latest filtering, EQ and dsp load tech; external volume adjusted
Updated with the latest filtering load tech; fresh balance
Switching new engine set on; balancing changes
Tweaks for player labels display
Adding Huayra fdp
Adding Huayra sounds
Adding exhaust res for new Huayra sounds
Wisconsin Raceway - add new txt for GlassMarquee
Derby - improve lightmap for garages floor
Derby - textures update - higher resolution and reworked
Derby - texture addition
New Belgian Forest export
New Derby exports
New Eifelwald export
New Wisconsin Raceway export

Data di uscita: 7 maggio 2015
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