Project CARS: build 287 disponibile

Slightly Mad Studios ha rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento per Project CARS; la build 287, disponibile per possessori di account Team Member o superiori, si concentra, tra le altre cose, sull'affinamento di diversi elementi di contorno dei vari circuiti, oltre che nell'opera di sviluppo del sistema di multiplayer.
Questo il log completo:

Build 287 (24/8/12, Team Member+)
* Added game and user setup parameters to OnlineSupport_Session
* Added state variables to OnlineSupport_Session, remembering DS and session connection state and a few similar pieces of information, and simpler handlers of joined/left server, joined/left session, user joined/changed/left
* Added events used for synchronization of game setup and user setup for a particular session
* Added synchronization of game setup and user setup in session as users join the session
* Added API for changing the game and user setup, including triggering resynchronization when something is changed
* Added g_OnlineSession macro, allowing direct access to the session component of online support. Removed most debugging session proxy functions in online support, replaced the calls to use g_OnlineSession directly
* Session id is no longer reported to the App, it's internal online platform-specific id. So do not try to remember it
Fixed setting attributes not working correctly when only some attributes are changed on PC
Bathurst trees exported with new foliage shader update
Fix for black foliage issues
Back out revision 16 from //data/Aries/trunk/Aries/Render/Shaders/foliage_treewall.fx - fix for black treewalls, until we can sort out the problem with default parameters or re-export all tracks with the new shader
Belgian Forest - add new textures for Old pit building
Eifelwald - fixed trees placement. few of the were levitaing
Adjusted backlighting and diffuse multiplier for trees at nordschleife and conifers
Removed mip to avoid bad streaks on non lighted parts of the lightpoles in Bologna
Adding diffuse multipliers to foliage / tree shaders so that artists can use brighter textures darkened down without causing other problems
Tweaked maps for Bologna
Tweaked lightmap for Bologna garage
Fixed visual blocker positions for invisible collisions in armco openings of bologna
Monterey. Created textures/PSD files. 1st commit
Bologna lights and static files updated
First viewer lights added to Bathurst start straight area
New tree / foliage shaders with a tree boost multiplier colour in the shader, specifically aimed at allowing greater per-tree variation by the artists
New Bathurst export
New Belgian Forest export
New Bologna exports
New Eifelwald export

Data di uscita: 7 maggio 2015
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