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<b>Project CARS</b>: build 234 disponibile

Project CARS: build 234 disponibile

Project CARS

PC, PS3, WIIU, X360

Simulazione guida

7 maggio 2015

A cura di Francesco “Mastelli Speed” Ursino del 15/06/2012
Slightly Mad Studios ha rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento relativo a Project CARS: la build 234, disponibile per possessori di account Team Member o superiore, introduce la categoria a ruote scoperte Formula Rookie, oltre che una prima versione del circuito di Monaco.
Questo il log dell'aggiornamento:

Build 234 (14/6/12, Team Member+)

Added more p2p logging
AC metropole building textures checked in
Northampton ‘Wing’ textures checked in
Cars.lod simplified and prepped for LODD addition. C->D switch to be updated when all cars are ready.
Lotus 49: removed fake wings. New default setup with wide tuning ranges to try and handle the loss of downforce. Could certainly still use some tuning work
Added Formula Rookie car
Bumped version of all vehicles for Friday’s stat reset
Formula Rookie animation pack1 + gear to animation
- tweaked roof camera to show driver helet + hands on wheel
- lowered cockpit camera position to match better with driver eyes level
Belgian Forest Circuit – add new textures for Kart Building and WoodenHut
Formula rookie animation, right hand with tighter grip on wheel .
Belgian Forest – add new textures – stavelot buildings
Lotus 98T textures: restored real logos on textures
Lotus 78 textures: restored textures with real logos
Added few more temp barriers from casino square to tobac corner for azure circuit
Formula Rookie: statistics file created and added
AI disabled at Azure Circuit until working AIW is available
Lotus 49: steering ratio lowered back to previous setting
Azure Circuit : updated sction exiting tunnel for new armco. Hand edited raceline and corridors
Lotus 78/98T textures: replaced GripYeah tires with GoodYear
New Ariel exports
New X4 export
New Lotus 49 export
New Lotus 78 export
New Azure Coast export
New Belgian Forest export
New Northampton export

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