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<b>Project CARS</b>: build 229 disponibile

Project CARS: build 229 disponibile

Project CARS

PC, PS3, WIIU, X360

Simulazione guida

7 maggio 2015

A cura di Francesco “Mastelli Speed” Ursino del 09/06/2012
Slightly Mad Studios ha rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento per Project C.A.R.S.: la build 229, destinata a possessori di account Team Member o superiori, si segnala per l'introduzione dell'ovale Concord e l'opera di rifinitura relativa diverse vetture e tracciati.
Questo il log completo:

Build 229 (8/6/12, Team Member+)

OneSock threading fixes and improvements:
- Added OneSock lock used to synchronize access to all data shared between OneSock and main threads
- Replaced unreliable usage of volatiles in OneSock lib by proper locking. This fixes OneSock synchronization not working at all in some cases, especially on consoles
- Replaced class-specific locks in Authentication lib by OneSock locking where appropriate. This fixes deadlocks when OneSock and main threads try to access the same resource at the same time
- Fixed several issues in wip hybrid protocol implementation
Ghost system:
- Added GreenLight callback to ghost players.
- Downloaded ghosts will be enabled when the race starts (and sit on the start line until the player crosses the start line), instead of appearing only when the player crosses the start line
Live Delta Potential Lap code improvements to help with a few issues exposed by Winsconsin Raceway
Updated skipping the player’s vehicle driveline integration during rolling start, so that wheel fibers remain executed and steering column torque is calculated all the time
Ping rebroadcaster regularly while in a game session. Update current, recent average, highest short-term average and all-time average ping statistics. Pinging the rebroadcaster also lets it know our public IP for NAT punchthrough purposes
Memphis – add new textures for stands
Added additive technique to basic shader
Removed duplicate entry from force feedback tweakers config file
Derby – new dynamic xml file, added cones
Fix for white flashing square bug (tyres shader was missing some normalization on the calculation of the worldnormal)
HDR modes other than photographic exposure were missing a luminance calculation which was breaking FXAA in thoese modes
Sakitto:New textures for fairground assets
Concord initial dynamic objects to make inner Circuit entry more visible
Concord Oval: New compete AIW First pass. 36 pit and start spots
DX11 fix for black silhoette around cars bug
Remove Azure Circuit for now until loft improvements are more progressed
Memphis – add new textures
Stockcar90: livery fixes
Caterham SP300: added new livery
New Delaware Map added
New Concord Map added
Added new track map icons for Glencairn
Updated to new map for Delaware
Concord Circuit – updated name to remove underscores in Menu
New Concord exports
New Derby exports
New Memphis export
New Sakitto exports