Project CARS: build 226 disponibile

Nuovo aggiornamento per il titolo Slighty Mad Studios, Project CARS: la build 226, disponbile per possessori di account Junior Member e superiori, include la nuova Caterham SP/300.R, e diverse migliorie in ambito grafico e di gameplay.
Questo il log dell'aggiornamento:

Build 226 (1/6/12, Junior Member+)

Fix for ps3 compiles
Fix for the broken track select navigation. SetMenuAutoScroll and SetMenuScrollOnlyOnClip needed set for the location and map screen menus
Code fix for menu data flag issues in car setup screens (similar to track select fixes)
Ghost system:
- Ghosts will be recorded (and potentially saved and uploaded) in all game modes, to mirror the behavior of stat uploads
- Lap Data Header chunk contains information about bit precision used for the data stored in the Lap Data Stream chunk. This makes the compressor more extensible for the future and increases backward and forward compatibility of the data format
- Reordered fields in the Lap Data Header chunk.
- Ghost player sets up participant for the ghost that is supposed to be replayed in the race
- Ghost participant is set up with the correct upgrade specification (fixed a bug where physics and render specifications were mixed up).
Belgian Forest – update trees and crowds for new inner terrain
Additional Track Photos submitted by the WMD community
Caterham R500: camber animation source files added
Palmer JPLM: added TM hotlap contest livery
BAC Mono: Tiny UV fix
Caterham SP300: added CPIT meshes, prepared for 1st export, fixed various issues
Updates on textures of Harrison Pike. Rescaled , replaced polished up
Added missing strings for the Tuning Slot screens
BAC Mono: texture tweaks
Ariel Atom – Added LODD meshes to all 3 cars
Caterham sp300r : animation pack1
Added helmet view for 70′, 80′ and stock
Sakitto: new textures for kartbuilding
Stockcar90: Added 2 more liveries
X4: LODC reworked, LODD added
Additional textures for bathurst
X4: fixed damage on LODC and LODB, LODD refined rear a bit
Basic_windows shaders modified to use a parameter to scale the emissive strength – this is so that a wider range of effects can be achieved without suffering from texture banding issues
New Thrustmaster Static Adverts for Thrustmaster Sakitto Event
Grid texturemap bologna
New Emmissive maps added to tents and vendors assets
New Emmissived added to Illuminated Trackside Trucks
New Dynamics Scene for Sakitto GP
Caterham SP300: added livery 01.02 names
Sakitto_GP Thrustmaster event dressing
Caterham SP300: added new black rim
Caterham SP300: added new livery
Separated VSOUTPUT and PSINPUT in cloud_model.fx to allow for centroid usage (PS3 doesn’t like it on VSOUTPUT)
Thrustmaster specific textures .dds files
Sakitto – Concrete Barrier Fix for Thrustmaster event
New BAC Mono export
New Caterham R500 export
Caterham SP300R added
New Bathurst export
New Belgian Forest export
New Harrison Pike export
New Satikko exports

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