Project CARS: build 184 disponibile

Slightly Mad Studios ha rilasciato la build 184 relativa a Project C.A.R.S.; l'aggiornamento prosegue l'opera di affinamento relativo ai comparti audio e video, ma soprattutto segna l'ingresso del circuito di Monterey (Laguna Seca), oltre che l'aggiunta della BAC Mono alla lista di auto disponibili.
Questo il log completo:

Build 184 (30/3/12, Team Member+)
Fresh profile is required
fix for RenderContext blendstate ‘over-optimisation’ bug
Update profile defaults (meaning new profile needed for this build).
fixed black shadows bug under sx11
change to the setup of the weather forecast so that we always go from the first condition to the second one and back..
[Weather] day and night time building setup. i.e self illuminated buildings; weather system clamping values between 0.01 and 0.99 for emissive control; setting default emissivetexturecontrol to be 0.01; changing the name of the default sky texture.
Experimental: modify camera behaviour when world movement setting is fully off.
Fixes for console compilation errors
Doppler setting changes for most cars (this heightens the effect).
Most cars have subtle filter effect for interior engine sets to emphasise higher rev ranges
Surface sounds received some balancing tweaks (wind effect is louder and jet stream enhanced for flybys)
Cosworth DFV cars have received some balancing changes and some pitch and crossfade tweaks
Reverb level settings adjusted.
Sakitto: Change main fence texture; brightnes tweaks
Monterey: new textures
AzureCoast: textures
Connecticut Hill: wtc and emissive control map tweaks so that windows come on at night; random factor added to CH lights coming on and off; rescaled nightcolor textures and reduced some of them in brightness; Textures update for fresnel road shader
Portaloos created and placed on Badenring variations
Fixed carbon shader not compiling with crumple damage and vinyls on (needed VS outputs to be packed into less items)
[Weather] day and night time building setup. i.e self illuminated buildings.
BAC Mono added to the game (placeholder physics)
New exports of Azure Coast; JPLM; Connecticut Hill; Monterey; Sakitto

Sono disponibili, inoltre, nuove immagini relative proprio alla nuova BAC Mono. Buona visione!
Data di uscita: 7 maggio 2015
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