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<b>DC Universe Online</b>: update 10

DC Universe Online: update 10

DC Universe Online


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11 gennaio 2011 - 29 novembre 2013 (PS4)

A cura di Alessio “Cif” Cifani del 29/02/2012
E' stato rilasciato l'update 10 per DC Universe Online con l'interfaccia On Duty completamente ridisegnata. Ecco la nota di rilascio:


• When fighting Static, you should find him to be much more talkative now.


• Fixed a number of gold collections that would spawn in locations players could not reach.

• Improved placement of a number of Briefings in Metropolis.

Research and Development:

• Harvesting Exobytes while in a group should no longer cause a group roll. If you are the harvester you will receive the harvested materials.


• Players will no longer be able to roll NEED on an item if they are unable to wear it.

• The vending machines in Little Bohemia are no longer targetable.

• Character list scrolling works properly now.

• Some Paradox Ruptures have been closed and re-opened elsewhere to avoid interrupting players participating in other content.

• Stat buffs applied from one trinket will no longer stack with the same stat from another trinket. Corrected a number of inconsistencies with trinkets buffing stats with incorrect tier values.

Lightning Strikes:

• Bounty and Wanted missions now have a chance to drop loot for any contributors currently on the mission.


• DLC items in the marketplace should no longer be marked incorrectly as "Purchased" if your inventory is full.


• South Gotham: With Brainiac consolidating his forces, and moving them into the bottles, Captain Cold and Cyborg no longer have daily missions for Villains or Heroes.

• Party Time!: Fixed an issue that could cause the fight to break for higher level villains preventing them from completing the end sequence with Harley Quinn.

• Hot Dog Zombie: Fixed a minor typo in the Mission Journal.

• Garden of Eat Em!: Female citizens will no longer slide during this mission.


• General: The following abilities now apply the “Crushed” effect on their targets: Thought Bubble, Stasis Field, Entrap, Grasping Hand, Deep Freeze, Carnivorous Plants, and Harvest.

• Sorcery: Soul Well when used in the Damage role now correctly applies a critical hit chance buff to friendly targets within range when enemies are KOd.

• Super Speed: Phase Dodge game effects have been updated to behave more closely to the standard Block ability and its counter effect is now resistible.

• Staff: The progress bar has been removed from Martial Flowers, Launching Roundhouse Combo and Leaping Overhead Strike Combo. This means that canceling these attacks with a super power will no longer cause a loss of damage.

• Two Handed: The Current Effects menu tooltip display for the Two Handed Weapon Critical Damage bonus will now display properly.

• Martial Arts: The Current Effects menu tooltip display for the Martial Arts Weapon Critical Damage bonus will now display properly.

• Gadgets: The damage prevention effect of Clown Box will now properly overwrite damage prevention effects from Neural Neutralizer and Hide.

• Acrobatics: You may now control your height while using Rocket Assisted Glide by gesturing the movement controls forward or backward.

• Acrobatics: Significantly increased the activation distance of Glide Line.


• Diamond Heist: Due to Brainiac's movements in South Gotham the Diamond Heist will now begin at a location slightly to the West of the previously planned heist location.

• KO’s on player’s summoned pets no longer affects the score in PvP Arenas.

• Toughness now reduces damage caused by player pets in PvP

• Legends: Batman and Robin characters will no longer slide along the floor after performing a Batarang Flurry attack


• The role-optional alerts should now balance properly, only using DPS people in place of other roles.

o For example, if you have 3 controllers and 3 DPS queued up before you could have had a group with 3 controllers and 1 DPS. Now you should get a group with 1 controller and 3 DPS.



• Abrakadabra is no longer easy to juggle making him comparable in difficulty to Pied Piper.


Batcave: The Inner Sanctum:

• The Automated Robotic Custodian (ARC) boss will no longer animate incorrectly while using his Riot Foam attack.

Batcave: Brainiac Sub-Construct:

• NeurOMAC Elite droids are now able to ground players.

• Brainiac can now be properly heard during his boss fight.

• Attacks from Brainiac's Orbs will now display correctly in the combat log.


• When carrying the Heart of Anubis it’s de-buff will now display correctly in the Effects Menu.

• Players will now receive a marker pointing to General Adnan's location.

Fortress of Solitude: The Chasm:

• Sunstone Turrets should now always be damageable.

User Interface:

• User can now scroll through tradable items if more than 16 are in the inventory.

• Marketplace: DLC items in the marketplace should no longer be marked incorrectly as "Purchased" if your inventory is full.

• Players should no longer have to select the “Play” button multiple times in character select before entering the game.


• Fixed a number of environmental issues throughout the Metropolis and Gotham City.

• Power drain fly-text no longer has “+” sign in front of it.