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Nuova build per <b>C.A.R.S.</b>

Nuova build per C.A.R.S.

Project CARS

PC, PS3, WIIU, X360

Simulazione guida

7 maggio 2015

A cura di Francesco “Mastelli Speed” Ursino del 28/01/2012
Lo sviluppatore Slightly Mad Studios ha rilasciato una nuova build per Project C.A.R.S.. L'aggiornamento si concentra sul miglioramento del sistema di force feedback e sulla risposta ai comandi
Questo il log della nuova build:

Build 139 (26/1/12)

- Added shortcuts for pCARS_WipLag.exe
- Tweak FFB self aligning torque algorithm
- Added handling of some extreme cases in AI driver steering computation to avoid invalid float value results
- Fix for debug rendering under DX11 – the internal shader was failing to compile, causing a crash when used with the input graph
- Constant force balancing work
- FFB updates to constant force
- Further FFB self alignment work
- Allow AI at Belgium Forest
- New WDF file based off Bologna at Belgian Forest
- Skinning and materials tweaks for driver
- Increased the leaves density in one of the zones at CH
- All LODs finished, minor polishing to the car, vertex AO baked on LODs Caterham
- New Kart physics for the new low speed (<13 m/s) tyre model fix. The 126CC Kart was adjusted at Glencairn. The New 250CC Super Kart is a high speed track Kart so was created using Bologna to test. Both Karts were tested with 360 deg lock
- Tweaked AI grip and slip angles to make it somewhat drivable for the AI. Super Kart tyre
- New Caterham export
- New Leonus F86 export
- New Bathurst export
- New Belgian Forrest export
- New California Raceway export
- New Northampton export