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Data patch per <b>Street Fighter 3</b>

Data patch per Street Fighter 3

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition

PS3, X360




24 agosto 2011

A cura di Rosario “rspecial1” Speciale del 20/10/2011
CapcomStreet Fighter III 3rd Strike il prossimo 25 ottobre su PSN ed il 26 su Xbox Live. Ecco cosa conterrà l'aggiornamento:

1) Improved YouTube video quality (for PS3 ONLY)
2) Added the ability to unassign “3-punches” and “3-kicks” on the Controls screen.
3) Re-enabled the option to play with a human partner in Training mode.
4) Changed the "recording" feature in training mode. This feature now allows you to practice against a dummy, which repeats your recorded inputs.
5) Fixed a bug that would cause an a negative level value to be displayed on the main menu after hitting the level cap.
6) Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when repeatedly pressing "Confirm" after viewing a Match from a downloaded Match Pack.
7) Added support for Music Pack DLC.